Cadogan Place / Belgravia

The Cadogan Place project is one of a series commissioned by the same Clients. We were asked to work on two run-down apartments, part of a Listed Grade ll Georgian building, in the high-end residential area of Belgravia.

The ground floor was refurbished and used for representative purposes in connection with the Client’s theatre company.
The basement, originally divided into small rooms, went under major alteration and converted into an open space to be used as a playful rehearsal room for the artists and fitted with sprung Burmese teak flooring to benefit the performers with progressive shock absorption.
Portion of existing brick walls were left exposed as a memento whilst steel beams and pillars were highlighted in colour as a feature.

The former vaulted coal cellar was converted in to a luxurious bathroom featuring perfectly restored exposed brickwork and a mosaic cladded sunken bath.

Experimental finishes, such as the kitchenette mirrored cabinet doors screened with bamboo embedded in transparent resin visually connect with the outdoor courtyard.
The intricate pipework running exposed along the hallway ceiling was incorporated in to our artwork of coloured neon lights designed to welcome the visitors and lead their way through the building.